Convenience, Productivity, and Safety: three reasons customers choose FastAir. Travel direct to meetings, including out-of-the-way destinations. Work on-board in secure privacy. Arrive well-rested, get home sooner. No more frustration at airport security, control of your schedule. A diverse fleet of aircraft for varied needs. Airline trained flight crews and state-of-the art equipment provide a premium level of safety.


Peace of Mind: Owning an aircraft is a powerful competitive resource, involving many complex challenges. For over 2 decades Fast Air has honed the aircraft management experience.

Seamless Service:
Fast Air provides the full spectrum of support from advising on acquisition, to maintenance, to flight crews and trip planning, fuel and insurance buying power.


FastAir offers a complete range of aircraft maintenance services. 
A Transport Canada certified AMO, authorized to Maintain Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Gulfstream; Hawker; Challenger; King Air; Citations; Piper and Cessna aircraft, as well as Bell 206 series helicopters.

  Dealer and Installer for Garmin Aviation, Raisbeck, and CenTex products. Our Avionics shop is Transport Canada approved to service and install radios, instruments and avionics including the Garmin G1000 retrofit on the King Air.


VIP Service  – The Fast Air Jet Centre FBO (Fixed Base Operations) at Winnipeg International Airport provides high quality aviation services, fuel sales, hangar space, ground handling for aircraft and VIP services for guests traveling to Manitoba via private, charter, or business aircraft. Convenient, secure, and safe. 


Vanguard Air Care maintains a highly trained medical staff for patient transport with ease and compassion around the clock. The flight dispatch centre provides timely arrivals of dedicated Garmin 1000 King Air 200’s and medical teams. The specially trained air crew ensure smooth, safe and efficient patient transfers.