Leadership Team

Dylan Fast

President & CEO

Dylan Fast is known as an innovator and entrepreneur in the Manitoba business community. Aviation has been part of the Fast family for two generations and is a passion that inspires him to continually improve the experience of Fast Air.

Beginning his career as a Commercial Pilot, it soon became apparent there was a need to establish an air service to suit the growing needs of the business community and government services of Manitoba and beyond. Dylan began a lean operation in 1995 and has successfully grown it to be the largest fleet of business aircraft in Manitoba with a growing number of enthusiastic employees. Dylan continues to enjoy flying, leading in business and spending time with his family.

Anthony Dyck

General Manager

Anthony brings nearly 2 decades of aviation experience to his role as General Manager. He joined Fast Air in 2004 as an aircraft maintenance engineer (AME). Anthony’s leadership led to his promotion as Production Manager, followed by becoming the Director of Maintenance (DOM). In 2015, Fast Air President and CEO, Dylan Fast promoted Anthony to the role of General Manager of the rapidly growing company. Anthony brings his strong people skills and broad knowledge and experience of aviation to his role as GM. Anthony has received a respected industry award for his work. He is popular with customers and staff for problem solving and leadership.

Matt Johnson

Operations Manager

With over 14 years in the industry, Matthew brings an extensive depth of aviation experience ranging from charter flying to instructor, as well as holding the position of Chief Pilot. As Fast Air’s Operations Manager, Matthew combines his exceptional abilities as a professional pilot with strong decision-making and sound management skills. His past experience as a flight instructor allows him to provide significant contributions and recommendations to our Fast Air Training Department. Matthew provides direction and leadership to the Fast Air Team in all aspects of the organization.

Shelley Gerbrandt

Sales & Logistics

Shelley has worked in sales for the transportation industry for more than 20 years, and has worked as Fast Air’s Sales and Logistics Manager for more than 15 years. Shelley ensures that the sales and customer service team at Fast Air promotes a professional, comfortable customer experience which starts from when the passengers enter the executive lounge, to the personal greeting at the front desk to a comfortable flight that arrives on time. Shelley enjoys working with the team at Fast Air. “We are a company that has integrity and knows how to treat the customer right.”

Dennis Lyons

MMM, CD, AME, Person Responsible for Maintenance (PRM)

Dennis Lyons is the Person Responsible for Maintenance for Fast Air Ltd. In addition to this he is also the Operations Manager for the Helicopter Division. Dennis began his career in 1979 with the Armed Forces working and instructing on Fighters and Helicopters. After retiring he ran his own business for 10 years providing Aircraft Maintenance and consulting services. He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace, on the Board for the Central Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association and the Manitoba Aviation Council.

Ross Bale

Chief Flight Medic

Ross joined Fast Air in 2010 and brings 30 years of emergency medical experience to the Fast Air Team. He is dedicated to ensuring that Vanguard Air Care sets the standard for patient care. Ross has held distinguished positions on various provincial and federal EMS committees and operated a successful business serving the EMS industry, a commitment to those he serves.
Ross’s hands-on approach in managing the medevac operation has helped to take Fast Air Medevac to a new level of service delivery. Ross continually encourages and motivates the Medevac Team; creating a safe, efficient and productive operation.

Cecily Kennedy

Chief Pilot 703/704 – Fast Air Ltd

As a part of the Fast Air Management Team the Fast Air Chief Pilot duties involve  the implementation of training, communications and supervision of the flight crew. Cecily  has logged nearly 6000 hours on various aircraft including on H25B, BE02, BE20, BE30, PC12, and is an approved Transport Canada  Check Pilot. She was a recipient of the ‘Top 20 Under 40’ in aviation recognition by Wings Magazine in 2018.

Denis Bourgouin

Director Of Maintenance

As a part of the Management Team the Director of Maintenance position duties involve managing aircraft maintenance needs for both internal and external customers, developing procedures and processes for the AMO, staff. Denis joined Fast Air in 2000 as an AME apprentice and has held several leadership roles prior to his appointment to DOM in 2015.  He was the recipient of the ‘Top 20-Under-40’ for year 2016 awarded by Wings Magazine. Also previously received the Manitoba Award Winning Trade Graduate for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in 2005.

Jonathan Ray

Financial Controller

Jonathan joined Fast Air in 2014 as the financial controller. He graduated from Brandon University with a degree in Business Administration in 2007. Jon was invited to join the firm of MNP LLP and earned his professional accounting designation in 2010. His valuable  advice made him an ideal candidate to fulfil the newly created role of Controller at Fast Air. His broad experience as a CPA|CA with MNP LLP gives him a strong foundation for managing the diverse financial needs of a dynamic company like Fast Air.


Dan Rutherford

Marketing & Business Development

Dan is focused on growing the Fast Air brand and exploring new opportunities in Business Aviation. His background experience in Aviation Marketing and Leadership in the Non-profit sector. He enjoys working with customer challenges and finds innovative ways to partner with others to produce results. With training in business, commercial aviation and customer care, he has a good grasp of complexities involved marketing and business development. He enjoys time with his family, cycling, kayaking, tennis, and body-surfing whenever possible.

Kevin Lawes

Chief Pilot 703 – Vanguard Air Care

As a part of the Management Team Kevin’s duties involve responsibility for the professional standards and supervision of the pilots, developing standard operating procedures and developing and implementing all required approved training programs. Kevin has logged more than 3200 hours and is a captain on BE20, WW24,  and previously flew the E170. Kevin earned his B.A. from University of Manitoba (2011).

“A successful company has a unified leadership team that works together and can have fun while doing it.”
– Anthony Dyck GM