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Avoid the lineups, delays and human exposure of big airports.
Fly private and return home the same day.
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Why Business Aviation?

Face-to-Face meetings are still the preferred way of conducting business. According to a recent article in the Financial Times, business travel is essential in a number of key areas including: closing the deal, demonstrating skin in the game, to create better ideas, to build trust with small talk and face-to-face interaction, and finally to be more profitable in the long run.

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Risk Reduction

Business Aviation decreases the risks involved in post COVID-19 travel.

  • Direct to destination travel (access to 20,000+ smaller airports)
  • Higher Standards in aircraft Sanitizing
  • Limited Exposure to Facilities: airports, hotels, rental cars.
  • Limited Passenger Group
  • Focused Mission Profile
  • Private Low Volume Terminals
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Business Aviation is more efficient than traditional airline travel.

  • Access communities with no airline service
  • Flight scheduling predictability
  • Ensure Flexibility – ‘leave when the work is finished’
  • Increased Productivity & Security
  • Avoid delays, layovers.
  • Eased pressure for meeting schedules.
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Cost Savings

Business Aviation often results in cost saving when all the factors are considered.
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Fast Air is hosting online seminars to review key planning
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Aircraft in planning.

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