Fast Air Group of Companies: Leading the Way in Sustainable Aviation

April 22, 2024

At Fast Air Group of Companies, we are committed to practices that promote a healthier world and future for our staff, clients, and the planet. Because travel activities have an impact on the environment, it is our responsibility to implement sustainable operational practices. Despite having a relatively small footprint in comparison to commercial aviation, business aviation continues to play a leading role in reducing carbon emissions for the entire aviation industry.

Innovations Driving Carbon Reduction

Fast Air is at the forefront of implementing innovations that drive carbon reduction in business aviation. These include:

Extended range improvements decrease 5 fuel burns and carbon emissions by 5%.

Innovative winglets improve fuel 5 efficiency by more than 5%.

Advanced construction materials like carbon fibers, and shape memory alloys reduce weight and fuel burns by 13%.

Fuel-saving engines improve efficiency by 40 as much as 40% compared to 30 years ago.

Lifecycle carbon reduction through newer, better-designed fuels.

While these innovations represent significant progress, we recognize that more action is needed to address climate change effectively. As a response to this urgency, Fast Air actively participates in initiatives like the Business Aviation Sustainable Aviation Fuel Coalition (SAF Coalition) to dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Fast Air is committed to making sustainability a priority across all aspects of our operations. We have developed a comprehensive Carbon Reduction Plan that includes:

  • Phasing in carbon neutrality for all operations, aircraft, and client flights.
  • Investing in sustainable aviation practices and technologies.

People, Planet, and Profits: Our 3P Model

At Fast Air, we use a 3P model to guide our sustainable practices, focusing on improvements for People, Planet, and Profits. Some of our initiatives include:

  • Supporting local communities through international development projects and sponsoring aviation programs for at-risk youths.
  • Reducing our environmental impact through carbon offsetting, the adoption of green cleaning supplies, and electrification of ground equipment.
  • Investing in our staff’s well-being through healthcare benefits, new staff gyms, and maintaining staff levels in lean seasons.

Fast Air Green Team: Driving Sustainable Change

Our commitment to sustainability is further exemplified by the Fast Air Green Team, a volunteer group of employees dedicated to promoting a healthier workplace and planet. Together, we set goals for 2030, including achieving 100% carbon-neutral operations and reducing waste by 50%.

At Fast Air Group of Companies, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a core value. As we continue to innovate and implement sustainable practices, we are proud to lead the way in creating a greener, more sustainable future for business aviation and beyond.

To learn more about our sustainability initiatives, click here.

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